Short Story

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Author: Hollande
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1483
Summary: A man who struggles with abstract fears finds an unusual and morally dubious resolution.
I would love all reactions, criticisms, advice, etc.

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Okay, new here. I was looking for a place to post this mystery story I wrote in school this past year and would like any comment of any sort regarding ways to improve it, or you can just give me some thoughts about it. Please? Anyway, I found this community and decided to give it a try even though it is relatively small. The prompt to write this story was the title and our limit was five paragraphs.

Title: He/She Never Saw It Coming
Author: Me
Fandom: None
Pairing: None, except two people do get engaged.
Rating: G? It was low enough to pass through school.
Summary: When three groups of seemingly unrelated people coincidentally go on a weekend vacation at the same time a major disease strikes the town, they are immediatly brought in for questioning on who poisoned the entire town, how did they get to the almost sacred medium to deliver the toxin, and why would they do such a thing entirely out of the blue?
Disclaimer: This is original and so everything is mine.
A/N: I hope you enjoy the story and I hope I'm not breaking any restrictions with an out of the blue post.

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I'm new here, and new to posting (since I really only post to my personal journal)  So!  Please let me know if I'm doing this correctly.
I've written a story which is underdeveloped and un-beta'd, but I would love some feedback so I can make some changes to the point where I am sufficiently happy it works.
Chapter Rating: PG/PG-13
Chapter: 1/?
Summary: As Yurik becomes obsessed with the possibility of bringing his brother back to life, he is forced to examine the moral standing of his faith and what is really important to him.
Author Notes: I enjoyed writing this, but I'm a little nervous I'm the only one who finds it interesting.  I would love love love feedback.
Warnings: In the future, there is strong violence and suggested m/m romance.  Nothing even close to explicit on that last one.  Oh, and beware of dramatics and cliches. 

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gud magazine

GUD Issue 6 open to submissions

We're in full-swing getting Issue 5 together, reading for Issue 6. :) GUD publishes 200+ pages of literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and more, each issue. :) For a taste of what we're looking for, create an account—a piece of our current issue will be waiting for you! :)

Also--Issue 4 is hot to press!

Issue 4 ... BEGINS WITH THE END OF THE WORLD AND MOVES ON FROM THERE. From the unromantically magical take on Ragnarøk in the lead story "Unbound" to the curious history of squid in "A Man of Kiri Maru", this issue is steeped in mythos, making use the old familiar tales and some new ones, mixing cosmologies from around the world—and from other worlds as well. But the focus, be it of prose, poetry, or art, is always on the human—on the clashes between imagination and reality, on choices and redemption, on what the Other can tell us about ourselves. {{ 200+ pages of literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and more! }}

me, deliciously, devastated, cute

Creative Writing.

So I am taking a Creative Writing class at my college this semester, and I'm wondering if you guys here would like me to post some of the exercises we do in class? I'll also be posting some of my writings in this class as well. Does that sound good to everyone/anyone? :D

Also, good work, I love the material you guys are posting here. Keep the creativity coming!
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 Hello community.
I am a writer. Unconventional and perhaps a bit childish but desperate as well.
And whether the author admits it, he usually wants to be heard. She may deny it but wanting to be acknowledged is something every writer wants.
He, she. Whatever you consider me since I prefer my writing to stay anonymous. 
If you like, read what I write. 
My journal should be open to anyone.
Mail, comment, add....whatever you like. I want to hear your feedback.
Thank you, if you're willing to look at some new material and help me progress into something real and personal.
The last post 'Children' was written a while ago and should not be as my last post.
I don't like it but have decided to keep it for reference to the past. I would ask that you read more than one post and please tell me your opinion.
These are all just personal thoughts that grow into reality and turn into something I never expect.
Thanks again,

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So I just bought this writer's self help book called "The Complete Writer's Kit" by Scott Edelstein. It's supposed to give you "everything you need to get inspired, get writing, and get published."

Has anyone else picked it up and what were your thoughts on it? :)

Also, has anyone ever wanted to write a book really bad, but couldn't seem to get past writing the first chapter?...Heh.
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Tell me what you think ?

Im twistin up the words into a lazy little ryhme
chokin on the herbs that took me half the day to find
Gettin drunk on you is one thing fillin up the time is fine
but when it comes down to it my minds still runnin lines
Im Gettin drunk on you
thoughts a little clouded
have a drink or two
to stop my head from poundin
feel a rush from you
eyes are closed, throat is burnin
gettin drunk on you

Tippin back my head and suckin down a shot or two
I am no longer sober but my minds still stuck on you
I can't control my laugher and its silly little highs
the lows will follow after when I repeat back all your lies
Im Gettin drunk on you
The thoughts will vanish
One shot or a few
can you taste the panic
Feel that rush anew
And I can't stand it
Gettin drunk on you

No wonder I can't handle this, my thoughts are runnin wild
it seems like you've been plannin this, your words felt kinda filed
did you write them in your memory, or etch them in your brain
cause the way they made me feel is makin me drink up all this pain
Im Gettin drunk on you
Maybe you knew
exactly what it would do
drinkin the damage
feel the tears break through
and my heart cant stand it
Gettin drunk on you

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Title: Untitled for now, but I'll come up with something eventually.
Author: persephonne
Rating: for now, PG
Summary: Daniel Pryde is a demon who needs to face one of his worst fears: his family. And he's also english.
Is it the first chapter or your second chapter etc... : chapter 1, though it's more like a prologue
Is it unfinished: yes
Do you want us to critique it? : yes

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