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GUD Issue 6 open to submissions 
3rd-May-2009 11:02 pm
gud magazine
We're in full-swing getting Issue 5 together, reading for Issue 6. :) GUD publishes 200+ pages of literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and more, each issue. :) For a taste of what we're looking for, create an account—a piece of our current issue will be waiting for you! :)

Also--Issue 4 is hot to press!

Issue 4 ... BEGINS WITH THE END OF THE WORLD AND MOVES ON FROM THERE. From the unromantically magical take on Ragnarøk in the lead story "Unbound" to the curious history of squid in "A Man of Kiri Maru", this issue is steeped in mythos, making use the old familiar tales and some new ones, mixing cosmologies from around the world—and from other worlds as well. But the focus, be it of prose, poetry, or art, is always on the human—on the clashes between imagination and reality, on choices and redemption, on what the Other can tell us about ourselves. {{ 200+ pages of literary + genre fiction, poetry, art, and more! }}

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